BEGIN Wellness bridges the gaps that exist in healthcare today.

BEGIN Wellness works with employers to improve and promote employee access to quality healthcare and education, while substantially curtailing the costs commonly associated with chronic disease, workplace absenteeism, and presenteeism. Our wellness and telehealth services are utilized as stand-alone healthcare services, as well as to strengthen and support existing workplace healthcare programs.

Our nurse case managers and qualified administrative staff provide clinical intervention, education on healthy living and improved quality of life, and cost-containment solutions to medical treatment and care.

Workplace Wellness

We work with employers to build workplace wellness programs that identify the unique needs of their population, provide a proactive support system, and deliver cost-containment healthcare solutions. A highly tailored program, BEGIN Wellness supports a culture of wellness for the workforce at large through on-site and online education and resources, while empowering those identified as high risk.


Our TeleHealth program lowers the costs associated with lost time and medical care for both the employee and employer. Our services provide convenience and cost-effective access to licensed professionals within a variety of specialties to treat all non-emergent conditions.

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