We empower your workforce through proactive clinical guidance and education, while reducing costs associated with chronic illness, absenteeism, and presenteeism.

BEGIN Wellness works with employers to build workplace wellness programs that identify the unique needs of their population, provide a proactive support system, and deliver positive results. We employ traditional and holistic guidance when educating employees on achieving overall wellness and improved health.

Our nurse case managers and qualified administrative staff provide clinical intervention, education on healthy living, and cost-containment solutions to medical treatment and care. Our overall objective is to work with individuals to set goals, follow a health plan, and reduce premium for both the individual and the employer.

A Consultative Approach

We work with clients who have sites throughout the United States. Regardless of size, location, an on-site or remote workforce, union or non-union, our technology allows us to tailor programs so that anyone anywhere has access to the blood-draw screening, Health Risk Assessment, and holistic health counseling. We work with companies to promote, engage, and incentivize employees throughout the program. Our partnership eases the administrative burdens facing HR, provide consistent communication, and reduce the exorbitant costs of healthcare.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

BEGIN Wellness registered nurses offer clinical guidance, as well as holistic and integrative wellness education based on their unique professional training and qualifications as holistic health advisers. Our training in traditional and holistic health practices allows for a more comprehensive approach to wellness and provides options often left unexplored. At-risk employees receive customized, convenient advisory services to improve overall health, while all employees are welcome to engage in regular, telephonic holistic health counseling. These programs are administered by registered nurses and are supported by on-going follow-ups with the clinic physician and/or family physicians.

On-Site and Off-Site Wellness Screenings

Our wellness screenings are performed through a blood-draw and an online Health Risk Assessment for each employee. The results of these screenings are then used to educate employees and their family members on their current health and assist in improving their quality of life. They are benchmarks that the employee and holistic health adviser can use to set goals and measure success.

Data Management

BEGIN Wellness provides a centralized database for all health-related programs touching individual workers and the business or organization at large. The data collected provides a comprehensive look at the health, well-being, and financial success of your business. All individual information is managed with the highest industry standards for privacy and protection.

Data can be customized to:

  • Provide utilization, performance, and financial measurements of healthcare providers treating plan members
  • Analyze up to three years of integrated data to identify opportunities for health and financial improvements
  • Development action plans and periodic updates on plan performance
  • Provide on-going, periodic information relative to the member at risk
  • Predict spending and utilization trends