The Doctor Will See You Now

Through ProMedica on Demand, Paramount Preferred Solutions provides our clients and partners with an accessible, affordable, and effective tool for managing healthcare costs. Telehealth, a video-based on-line technology connecting patients and licensed physicians, is now an extremely viable cost-saving resource for employers and their workforce. ProMedica on Demand provides a unique, innovative approach to telehealth based on its utilization of today’s most advanced technologies. Paramount Preferred Solutions is now making their services exclusively available to our clients.

What is telehealth and how does it work?

We have grown accustomed to a healthcare system in which we are used to spending hours wasted on travel time, sitting in a waiting room (and being exposed to germs), taking time off from work, and trying to get into the doctor’s office without weeks of advance notice. Telehealth eliminates all of these challenges to lost time and expenses by providing immediate access to a qualified clinician who can quickly and effectively diagnose and treat a patient.

ProMedica on Demand provides patients with:

  • Access to Licensed Professionals in many areas of specialty
  • Ability to schedule and receive a consultation in less than 24 hours
  • Appointments held in the privacy of your own home or office via video or phone
  • Prompt treatment with prescriptions sent to your inbox and to your local pharmacy
  • Encoded bills for potential insurance reimbursement; use with your flex spending and health savings account
  • A private, HIPAA-Compliant Portal and coordination of electronic medical records